Learn to Code in Swift 4 by Kevin J McNeish

Learn to Code in Swift 4

By Kevin J McNeish

  • Release Date: 2017-11-12
  • Genre: Programming
Score: 2.5
From 6 Ratings
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Learn Swift programming from the ground up with award-winning author, and iPhone Life magazine writer/blogger Kevin McNeish! After completing this book, you will have the skills and clear understanding to write well-designed Swift code for your iOS apps.

This book has been updated to Swift 4 and therefore requires the use of Xcode 8 or newer. This means you get the most up-to-date information available on Swift.

This book assumes no previous programming experience! It teaches you best practices for creating iOS apps in Swift using advanced educational tools such as:

• 20 embedded step-by-step movies with coding exercises.
• Interactive diagrams that help you visualize how code works.
• 25 Swift sample projects
• An online forum where you can get all your questions answered.

This book goes beyond basic syntax and uses practical examples demonstrating how to use the full power of Swift in your iOS apps. It provides clear, in-depth explanations of Swift concepts.

In the first few chapters, you learn the basics of Swift programming and then begin applying your knowledge by working through exercises at the end of each chapter that teach you to apply Swift programming principles in real-world apps.

Here are some of the concepts you will master in this book:

• Understanding Classes and Objects
• Working With Optionals
• Arrays and other Collections
• Looping and Conditional Statements
• Advanced Properties
• Data Types and Conversions
• Working with Strings
• Enumerations
• Initializers
• Access Control
• Unit Testing Your Code
• Inheritance & Polymorphism
• Mastering Protocols & Delegates
• The Power of Extensions
• Generics in the Real World
• Understanding Closures
• Handling Errors
• Appendix containing Swift free functions, data types, and operators 


  • The book lost its track in the middle

    By Bublowskiy
    Finished the book. It is very frustrating. Up to the middle, the book does a fair job explaining everything in detail. Yet after that the author got completely oblivious to the fact that we, readers, were inexperienced and non programmers. Firstly. He stars using such excessively complex examples that you waste your time trying to understand their logic and structures rather that learning the core idea of SWIFT functionality. Also it doesn't help when the author uses code snippets operating built in SWIFT objects we have yet to discover. What makes things even more complicated is the snippets with functions/methods described a couple of pages before the current subject. Secondly. After I read the half oth the book I switched to Apple’s manual before reading the corresponding topic in the book. My bewilderment was great as I realised that the book I had paid for was pretty much identical to Apple’s manual in my view. I will continue with Apple manual. Thank you.
  • Love the iBooks format, but ...

    By Cryolathe
    The problem with instructional books on fast-changing topics such as iOS or Swift development is that they get out of date quickly unless the author updates them in a timely manner. Swift is currently at 2.0, with 2.1 around the corner, and yet this book is describing version 1.2. The version of Xcode described in the book is also outdated. I love the iBooks format on display here and wish to encourage its continued use. My only concern is that with the release of iOS 9 the contents are a bit outdated and I don't know if the author has committed to keeping it up to date.
  • Frustrating...

    By igrs69
    The book is ok as a reference and does provide some good best practices advice. However, despite the claims that hundreds of hours of effort was put into creating an iBooks version, the book was clearly not written with iBooks in mind. The interactive elements consist of videos located at the end of some chapters recreating the steps in xcode that the author expected you to do when reading the chapter text - not very useful in my opinion. Doesn’t offer anything beyond the text in the chapter. The author also expects the reader to read through the book in sequence as well as complete each of the excersies / demos described in the chapters, in sequence. If you don’t do this and try to jump to a chapter of interest, you may find that the exercises / demos in the later chapter cannot be completed without going back to earlier chapters and creating code that is used as a basis for the chapter you are interested in. While there is code available from the author for download, it doesn’t give you the completed states needed for subsequent chapters. Also, you would think in a book about coding with lots of code snippets and examples, it would be possible to copy from the book and paste into Xcode… unfortuatnely no, the author has disabled copying (the only programming book I have in my library with this restriction) ! Overall, ok for a complete beginner, but frustrating for someone who wants to jump to topics of interest. The book also does not take much advantage of the ibooks platform. The inabiility to copy code snippets is really inexcusable.
  • Download problem

    By Maheration
    I tried to download it twice and it fails in both try… There is an issue